What is in the package?

Basically the software polls your version control system for new versions of your software, if a new version is found then a new build cycle is started. This is done in the client part of rubot. The rubot-server contains:

We want to build a system which is capable to made automatic builds of software and to visualize the results with a web user interface. It is inspired somehow by the tinderbox and bases on a prototype which was written in perl for a recent project.


please wait some days for the first released version


client/ server architecture for decentral, parallel builds

configurable notification system (mail, rss, jabber)

supported version control software: subversion, cvs

generating software documentation: doxygen

configurable metrics generation

source code checking: pc-lint, splint (as separate make targets)

supported build tools: gnu-make, ant


How does it work?


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